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Thread: biotin users chime in pls

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    Default Re: biotin users chime in pls

    I've been taking it for a week or two. I don't notice any big breakouts.

    I can't vouch for how it's affecting my hair, because I started taking a multivitamin at the same time - but my nails feel so much stronger and are growing to lengths they generally can't, which I take as a good sign.

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    I have been taking 5000mcg daily for the last 1.5 months. I did get a couple spots when I first started but I think that may have been from being overzealous with the oil in my hair. I did a couple extra face scrubs and an extra mask that week and was fine.

    I have found that if I DON'T take it now, I can get a headache until I do. I also have had minimal to no menstrual cramps since taking it (for those it would apply to). For hair growth, I have lots of new hair, thicker eye lashes (thank you!!!) and thicker eyebrows - which works since I had an oopsie as a teen and a spot that wouldn't grow back. Now it is. I can also think much better and my nails are becoming much nicer and white again - like when I was young child. Nothing seems to be growing faster though.

    My Husband is also taking the same amount and he is slowly but surly getting hair filling in those recession spots and his new hair looks awesome!

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