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Thread: Summer gift swap 2012!

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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    I would love to join in! It will be so much fun shopping for a fellow LHC member!
    I would be happy to ship anywhere.
    I have thick hair that destroys delicate hair toys so home made might not work.

    I like:
    I love hair sticks 6 inch minimum length unless it is a ketylo. Then I can use a shortie.
    Unloved hair toys are awesome.
    I have been meaning to try something from Toadstool soaps.
    green, brown, blue, raspberry twist dymondwood. I don't wear much natural wood because my hair is often damp.
    hair forks 6 inch length
    60th street forks
    hair scarfs (silky material)
    things from faraway places (e.g. something that is typical for a place in a faraway country...)
    I love local honey or local hot sauce
    Any recipes from your local area, (written on a notecard or scrap of paper) however I don't eat much meat just seafood.

    I dislike:
    jewelery (I don't wear earrings or necklaces)
    neon and pastel colors
    plastic and glitter
    things that catch on hair
    Cones and sulfates (in hair products)
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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    Count me in!

    I am pretty new to hairtoys, but I have a lot of barrettes. (which I’m trying to get away from) I have very dark brown, BSL, wurly, coarse hair. I have a Havanese dog and a 2 year old girl with dark blond, wavy, fine hair. Rehomed items are welcome! My favorite hobbies are crochet, folk music, and gardening.

    Like: wood, silver, natural materials, black, green, cool jewel tones, simple style, plant and animal motifs, pure oils (plant and essential oils), steampunk, hippie, ethnic, mythology

    Interested in trying: hairsticks, flexi-8’s (any size), forks, other non-clippy things, hair scarves, hats and other coverings

    Dislike: plastic, gold, orange, yellow, barrettes, makeup, religious motifs, gothic, horror, zombies, shampoos, conditioner, lotions, other products other than pure oils.

    Allergies: none

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    2c, average and healthy black platinum hair, MBL
    My hair loves stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, protein, preening, oils, and plopping
    My hair hates distearyldimonium chloride, quaternium-87, phenoxyethanol, brushes

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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    Count me in! This will be my very first swap here on LHC! I live in North America but if it comes down to it I don’t mind shipping internationally.

    Let's see if I can manage to type something up.

    About my hair - Short (not quite shoulder length), henna'ed (but I'm not sure if I will henna again as my roots are a darker shade of auburn and don't really take the henna well), somewhat curly...when it wants to be, thin, and fine.

    -pretty things for my hair (unfortunately this does not yet include hair sticks or flexi's any bigger than a small but it can include barrettes and scarves)
    -hair herbs especially Alma as I am trying to return the curl back to my hair
    -essential oils
    -I love pretty colors and shiny colors (but gold tones don’t usually go good with my skin tone) Purples, light/bright blues, pinks, and light/bright greens are my favorites.
    -I read like crazy especially Scottish or paranormal romances and fantasy books
    -I am Pagan but I like things from pretty much any religion
    -I wouldn’t mind recipes as I am trying to learn to cook
    -I wear a lot of flowing skirts especially the kind with elastic waist bands in sizes medium or large
    -I have multiple ear piercings and love ear rings
    -I don’t mind rehomed stuff or handmade stuff
    -I love dark chocolate
    -I love penguins but am not looking for any statues or stuffed animals of them at the moment

    -cones or sulfates
    -hair sticks
    -flexi’s larger than size small

    ETA: I just figured out I can add my Etsy wishlist to here so if you are still wondering what I like here is some more ideas. At least I think I figured it out...I hope it works lol.

    I am super allergic to bleach so if you are planning to bleach the item before you send it please don’t – I really don’t want to go to the hospital.

    I should warn you that I have cats so people with allergies might not want to receive from me, there is literally no way to ensure anything I send won’t have cat hair in it.
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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    I just learned crochet. I look forward to making something awesome for my giftee. In the last nine days I have made five bun-covers, two hats and a giant stuffed acorn. WHEE!
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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessBob View Post
    I just learned crochet. I look forward to making something awesome for my giftee. In the last nine days I have made five bun-covers, two hats and a giant stuffed acorn. WHEE!
    Oh that's so awesome, my cat's would love to snuggle with a giant acorn lol!
    Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. - Dr. Seuss
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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!


    Count me in!

    I'd prefer a giftee in the US who will welcome lots of great regifts including:

    Night Blooming Panacea's Winter Hair Salve (> 1 oz. left in 2 oz. container)
    Fuller Brush Professional Glisten Brush (BBB)
    Desert Essence products:
    Green Apple and Ginger Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner
    Organic Jojoba Oil (7/8 s & c left; 1/2+ oil left)
    Age Reversal Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 30) (barely used)
    Burt's Bees products:
    Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub (barely used)
    Tips n' Toes Hands and Feet Kit (barely used)
    DuraFresh products:
    Deodorant cream (with aloe, zirconium chloride, stabilized ClO2) (1/2 left)
    Toothpaste (with stabilized ClO2) (1/2 left)
    Tisserand Organic Lemon Tea Tree EO (w/3 oz. cobalt glass spray bottle w/cap) (1/4 left)
    Glass shaker bottle w/screw top metal lid and removable plastic shaker lid under it. Great for Nanny's Airing Powder, dry shampoo, powdered herbs, etc.)
    Blossom Organics products:
    Revitalizing Breast Exam cream (barely used)
    Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel (barely used)
    Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant (barely used)
    Natural Moisturizing Lubricant (1 lg. tube, 1 sm.) (barely used or unused)
    Honey Girl Organics personal lubricant (barely used)
    Sweet Beauty pot de creme Chocolate Body Cream (barely used)
    Organic Herbs: Dill weed ~ 2 oz., Horsetail ~ 2 oz., Lemon Balm leaf ~ 2 oz., Nettle leaf ~ 2 oz, Rosemary ~ 1 oz., Spearmint ~ 2 oz.

    Of course, I'm looking forward to finding a new gift for you, too.

    We could talk about our likes and dislikes before shopping to prevent gifter's/giftee's remorse.

    I'm only giving these away to an appreciative giftee because I've gone Minimalist. My routine is very simple and I don't need them anymore.

    Honestly, I am not sure what to request. Miruvor tea from Night Blooming's etsy shop sounds wonderful.

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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    Count me in !! I missed the Yule swap, and it looked like so much fun!

    So...I racked my brains and this is all I can think about at the moment. It looks long, but it's all hyphens and a lot of spaces, I assure you :

    -I'm in Europe, but willing to ship internationally too.
    - Favourite colours and shades:

    Green (peridot, sea-green, emerald, moss)
    Amber (or orange)

    Red (a bright blood red, or a deep cranberry/garnet)
    Blue (especially blue shades that have a tinge of purple/violet, like royal or persian blue. And turquoise

    Amethyst/violet and purple
    No pink or neon and pastel colours.
    -Silver, bronze and copper tones rather than gold. Metal and wood rather than plastic.

    -Hairtoys: I like all kind of hairtoys, practically! My hair is 120 cm long (fingertip), very fine, very straight, and 3.5" ponytail diameter-thick. Very slippery, too.

    - I love hairsticks (metal or wood or horn), both with dangles and without, and I only have a couple (neither of which have dangles *sob* )! I also love forks.

    - Ficcarés: only big ones can hold all my hair.
    - Barrettes, decorated pins, satin or silk ribbon, or flexi-8's (I have none of those) also welcome.
    - I don't mind wood/metal used hairtoys, and handmade toys are certainly very welcome!
    - No bobby pins or elastics.

    -For possible jewellery, you can take a look at the symbols and motives section...I like dangle, stylized long earrings, not too elaborate. No hoops.

    -Hair products: I have normal (non dry) ends and a greasy scalp.

    -No shampoos, or conditioner. My hair doesn't absorb oils well, but I could give jojoba or camellia oil a try...or the fabled panacea I have heard so much about ! No combs, I don't use them. And no brushes, either, as I'm very particular as to which I use.
    -Let us see, what else... Red roiboos tea...Aloe vera gel...cassia...amla...Jamila henna...crushed hibiscus petal powder...or any kind of purple/violet semi-permanent dye! Or anything else, really.
    - If scents are involved, leafy, earthy ones, or fruity, not flowery or spicy.

    -Symbols and motives:
    -Celtic (knotwork, the triskelion, goddesses), Elvish (leaves, interlaced, curvy motives...but NO cutesy faeries), Scandinavian.
    -No crosses or any religious symbols except for motives from Celtic and Scandinavian mythology/religion.
    -Leaves much rather than flower motives. Indian-style flowery motives I do like, though.
    - About possible animal imagery: Horses, owls, lionesses, eagles, wolves. No dogs. I don't have any pets, btw.
    - My style is sometimes a bit gothy (as far as make-up and dressing in black goes), but no skulls!
    - Nothing cutesy, please! No hearts, or bows, or butterflies,...

    -General likes and activities:
    -Tolkien (especially everything about Elves, rangers and Rohan), Harry Potter, everything about Celtic mythology and culture, Scandinavian mythology and culture.
    - I identify with a warrior and a ranger. I love sword-fighting, archery and yoga. I do research on women warriors, I love everything about women warriors (but the real ones, not the corseted, loinclothed, high-heeled objectified ones!!). I also write and read feminist essays and work on feminist criticism in general.
    - I play the piano, flute, tin-whistle. I am planning to play the harp too. I love traditional Celtic music, Tolkien-inspired, Wim Mertens and heavy metal. I draw and paint.
    - I study the Irish language. I love all Celtic languages. I also study Tolkien's Quenya and Sindarin.

    For more details, you can take a look at my biography in my profile .

    -Food and other:
    Nothing that could go bad during the shipping, in general.
    -No candy, it doesn't agree with my stomach. But I love chocolate, of any kind!! But without any liquor in it, please.
    -I can't stand butter. Reflux ailer here!
    - No coffee. Herbal infusions with raspberry are all right, though !
    -I also like lip balms. But no perfumes or incense, I am allergic to strong smells. And no lotions or face creams, for the same reason.
    -No crocheted things, or quilted, or anything with lace.
    -No candles. Allergic again.
    -I like scarves (Indian patterns or plain colours).
    -No Twilight, please !


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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    If we see someone's list and are itching to be their swap partner because we have
    The Perfect Thing" in mind for them, can we request them?

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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    Hmm... I just thought about this but I'm moving on July 1st. I already have the address but I'd like to request that my gifter sends his/her package after June 30th. I don't exactly mind getting it late either.

    (I'll add this to my original post as well so that it's easier when you guys do the pairing.)

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    Default Re: Summer gift swap 2012!

    ^ this is totally fine I am sure your gifter wouldn't mind the extra time to get a great package together.
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