Community Guidelines

The Long Hair Community (TLHC) is a web site with forums dedicated to the primary discussion of longhair growth, care and support, in a positively charged, family-friendly environment. Although it is assumed that all members will participate in a civil, responsible and mature manner, guidelines have been devised to assure that there are fewer misunderstandings as to expectations and proper membership behavior. Please keep in mind that these are guidelines, and exact interpretation is at the discretion of the Site Owner and Moderation Team. Your completion of the process of applying for membership to The Long Hair Community indicates your agreement to comply with the following guidelines:

1. Moderation
TLHC is moderated. Moderation duties are assisting members, moving threads, clarifying thread titles and other organizational tasks. The Moderation Team reserves the right to delete, edit or moderate anything on TLHC that is not in the spirit of the community, and to moderate, issue infractions, or ban members when needed. To view the Infraction System and types of Bans, please click here. If a member receives an infraction, they are notified via the private messaging system. No other member of the community will know about it unless the member with the infraction chooses to tell them.

2. Accounts
Each member gets one account in a lifetime, and name changes are not allowed, except under very special circumstances. We strongly suggest that you do not choose your real name or email as a username. Also, multiple people may not share an account. If a member experiences account difficulties, please review ourFAQs, contact a Moderator for assistance using the private messaging system, or Contact Us and describe the problem.

3. Behavior of members
Because TLHC is a private web site, members do not have an unrestricted platform for commentaries. Respect and compassion always should be remembered while posting. Controversial topics may generate disagreement, but flaming and trolling are not acceptable. If you should choose to leave the community, please do so graciously. Posting an overly-dramatic farewell message on your way out (i.e. “flouncing”) constitutes flaming behavior and may result in a permanent ban. Our foundation is friendship and support.

4. Post Content
Since minors are allowed to be members at TLHC, a “PG-13 rating” standard applies. Violent/sexual language or videos, dating/sexual propositions, profanity, nude images and links to them, haircutting (except styling illustrations), pornographic or fetish videos/sites are all prohibited. Cross-posting, spam, commercial self-promotion, fundraising, solicitation, libel, and copyright infringement are prohibited. Please report any posts or content that are questionable. In addition, standard rules for written English apply, and “kewl” talk or “txt” speak is not permitted. For our English as a Second Language members, their best efforts at standard English are appreciated.

Editing is to be used for fixing typos or adding material, with ETA: added to the post or a reason entered into the space provided in Advanced Reply, as a courtesy. Deleting the entire contents of a post or excessive editing that invalidates subsequent posts is not allowed, and will result in an Infraction. Exception: Members may delete or edit their Blogs at will.

5. Disputes with moderators/questions for moderators
Use the Contact Us link or the private messaging system to discuss moderation calls or to ask questions. Arguing with moderation calls on the forums is not allowed and may lead to an infraction. We welcome the opportunity to discuss a situation fully, in private. Also, members who have privacy or any other concerns regarding TLHC should not hesitate to contact the moderation staff for help.

6. Restricted boards
Members with 100 posts, 60 days of membership, and moderator approval may view the restricted-access boards at TLHC. The private content posted on the restricted boards is not to be posted on the public boards.

7. Blogs and Photo Albums
Each member is allowed one blog and as many photo albums as he/she wishes (which may contain a combined total of up to 100 pictures). Each member can determine the level of privacy. This is determined through the use of the Contacts and Friends list.

8. Signature/avatar size restrictions
Signatures may have up to three lines. Signature pictures may be 400 pixels wide and 200 pixels high or 9.8KB (whichever is smaller). Avatars may be 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels high or 1MB (whichever is smaller).

For swapping and selling on TLHC, please see Information about swapping, selling and advertising on TLHC.

The Long Hair Community offers much for the respectful member. Continuing with your application for membership indicates that you have read and agreed to comply with the aforementioned rules. Please periodically re-read these rules, as the management reserves the option to revise them as necessary.